Stories from the River

By Kayla Belec

October 18 - November 2, 2019

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

Night after night, the Fisherman can be seen traveling up and down the Tippecanoe, searching for the one he loved and lost, a woman called Tippy. So Kirk tells his young niece and nephew one fateful summer, like he’s done every summer for as long as they can remember. Now grown, Ella and her family—her brother Terrence, her mother Lori, her father Brady, and her aunt Joan—reflect back on the stories... Learn More

Summer & Smoke

By Tennessee Williams

March 13 - 28, 2020

7:30pm Thurs-Sat | 3pm Sun

She’s called to a spiritual existence; he’s committed to an earthly one. Alma (Spanish for 'soul') loves the boy next door, John Buchanan. The two each have a rather different philosophy for life, though. While Alma is moved by graces and troubled by petty, everyday cruelties that accompany living, John cares only for human impulse and immediacy. He brandishes his chart of the human anatomy to prove his point... .. Learn More

Footholds 2020

By the Community

Coming Soon!


A successful community collaborative makes its return for our second season. Footholds is an anthology series written by playwrights from across the Chicagoland community. The idea was conceived as a reaction to one of the most frustrating and intimidating villains an artist can face: a blank page.. A blank canvas allows for infinite possibilities, but this can sometimes act as a hindrance.With no definitive starting point, it can be... Learn More


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